This document introduces how to join the mainnet of smartBCH as a normal node (non-validator node).

Before you start, you must have a trusted server running bitcoincashnode's client with RPC enabled. The executable smartbchd will connect to it for querying staking information.

First, build the latest binary by running the step 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 of this document.

Second, prepare the working directory:

cp ~/smart_bch/smartbch/smartbchd ~/build/smartbchd
cd ~
rm -rf .smartbchd
~/build/smartbchd init mynode --chain-id 0x2710
tar zxvf dot.smartbchd.tgz
cp -rf dot.smartbchd/* .smartbchd/

Third, open the ~/.smartbchd/config/app.toml file to modify the information of the bitcoincashnode's client with RPC enabled.

# BCH mainnet rpc url
mainnet-rpc-url = "http://ip-address:8332"
# BCH mainnet rpc username
mainnet-rpc-username = "<my user name>"
# BCH mainnet rpc password
mainnet-rpc-password = "<my password>"

Last, start smartbchd.

cd ~/build
./smartbchd start --mainnet-genesis-height=698502