You can test your DApp using a local single-node testnet if you want to set one up. In most cases, though, you might not need to set up a testnet yourself. Instead, you can using an existing testnet. Here are the running testnets you can utilize.
You can run tests with metamask, truffle, or remix.

The Amber Testnet

This is a testnet for smartBCH with votes from a BCHN testnet, which has a bitcoincashnode client which mines with CPU.The chain ID is 0x2711. You can use the following JSON-RPC nodes:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
Test coin faucet can be found at
We sincerely thank Allen Day for donating several cloud servers to bring up this testnet.
In this testnet, the gas price can be as low as 0.2Gwei.
To join this testnet as a non-validator node, follow the steps below:
First, build the latest binary by running the step 0, 1, 2, 3 of this document.
Second, clone & build smartbch:
cd ~/smart_bch
git clone -b v0.4.2 --depth 1 https://github.com/smartbch/smartbch
cd smartbch
go build -tags "params_amber cppbtree" github.com/smartbch/smartbch/cmd/smartbchd
Third, prepare the working directory:
cp ~/smart_bch/smartbch/smartbchd ~/build/smartbchd
cd ~
rm -rf .smartbchd
~/build/smartbchd init mynode --chain-id 0x2711
wget https://github.com/smartbch/artifacts/releases/download/v0.0.5/dot.smartbchd.tgz
tar zxvf dot.smartbchd.tgz
cp -rf dot.smartbchd/* .smartbchd/
Last, start smartbchd.
~/build/smartbchd start --mainnet-genesis-height=602983
Then you can join the testnet as a non-validator. If want to become a validator, please follow this guide.
If you want to join the underlying BCH testnet, here is the configuration file for bitcoincashnode:


You can also run your smartBCH testnet node using Docker. First, clone smartBCH and build Docker image for testnet (or pull prebuilt images from DockerHub):
git clone https://github.com/smartbch/smartbch.git
cd smartbch
docker image build -f Dockerfile.optimized \
--build-arg SMARTBCH_BUILD_TAGS='cppbtree,params_amber' \
--build-arg SMARTBCH_VERSION=v0.4.2 \
--build-arg CONFIG_VERSION=v0.0.4 \
--build-arg CHAIN_ID=0x2711 \
-t smartbchd-amber:latest .
Second, prepare smartBCH testnet home directory:
cd somewhere
mkdir smartbchd_home
docker run \
-v path/to/smartbchd_home:/root/.smartbchd \
smartbchd:latest init mynode --chain-id 0x2711
wget https://github.com/smartbch/artifacts/releases/download/v0.0.4/dot.smartbchd.tgz
tar xvf dot.smartbchd.tgz
cp -rfv dot.smartbchd/* smartbchd_home/
Last, start smartbchd using Docker like this:
docker run \
-v path/to/smartbchd_home:/root/.smartbchd \
-p \
-p \
--ulimit nofile=65535:65535 \
-d smartbchd-amber:latest start --mainnet-genesis-height=602983
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