Join Amber testnet as a Validator

This document introduces how to join the amber as a validator node.

Before you start, you must have a trusted server running bitcoincashnode's client with RPC enabled. The executable smartbchd will connect to it for querying staking information.

1. build the binary

Running the steps of this document.

Then clone the source code of smartBCH and build the executable of smartbchd.

cd ~/smart_bch
git clone -b v0.4.2 --depth 1
cd smartbch
go build -tags "params_amber cppbtree"

After successfully executing the above commands, you'll get a ~/smart_bch/smartbch/smartbchd file for amber.

2. prepare the working directory

cp ~/smart_bch/smartbch/smartbchd ~/build/smartbchd
cd ~
rm -rf .smartbchd
~/build/smartbchd init mynode --chain-id 0x2711
tar zxvf dot.smartbchd.tgz
cp -rf dot.smartbchd/* .smartbchd/

3. Prepare the validator keys

Running step 1 and step 2 of this doc to generate validator key and consensus pubkey.

Then, copy the priv_validator_key.json to work directory by running command below:

cp ./priv_validator_key.json ~/.smartbchd/config/

4. Modify App config

Open the ~/.smartbchd/config/app.toml file to modify the information of the bitcoincashnode's client with RPC enabled.

# BCH mainnet rpc url
mainnet-rpc-url = "http://ip-address:8332"

# BCH mainnet rpc username
mainnet-rpc-username = "<my user name>"

# BCH mainnet rpc password
mainnet-rpc-password = "<my password>"

5. start smartbchd

cd ~/build
~/build/smartbchd start --mainnet-genesis-height=602983

6. Build createValidator Tx

Using validator private key and consensus pubkey generated in step 3 to build command below:

./smartbchd staking \
--validator-key=<your validator private key> \
--staking-coin=1 \
--consensus-pubkey=<your consensus pub key> \
--introduction=<your validator introduction> \
--type=create \
--nonce=0 \
--gas-price=10000000000 \

This command generate createValidator tx raw data, send it in step 8 below.

7. Get some BCH to Send Tx

Get some BCH from some one has BCH in smartBCH already to your validator account. To check your account balance like this.

curl -X POST --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"eth_getBalance","params":["<your validator account address>","latest"],"id":1}' -H "Content-Type: application/json"

8. Send Tx to smartBCH Amber

Please follow step 1, 2 of this doc.

9. Vote your consensus pubkey in Amber Xhedge Contract

Please go to to split your BCH to LeverNFT and HedgeNFT, and vote for your validator just created.

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